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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  May 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news wayward toddler. >> a student faces charges for trying to poison her roommate. how police caught on to her plot before it was too late. >> let's get right on that weather and traffic with dave murphy and karen rogers.
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good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we're off to a comfortable start. satellite shows us we'll see early sunshine before these clouds a little bit thicker start to roll in during the morning and afternoon and there could be a pop-up shower or maybe even a rumble of thunder around. but i think most of the day looks dry. 63 degrees in philadelphia. in allentown where we were down into the mid 40's at this time yesterday you're only at 53. that's not bad. 58 in reading, 61 in trenton 71 in sea isle city. there is a general flow coming up from the southwest but overall winds are light again this morning as we take a look outside this morning catching that bus between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock in the mid 60's by the time you're getting off of the bus at school. 65 degrees there. and then by 9 o'clock up to 70 and once again we're off to the races today. 81 by noon, 84 by 3 o'clock and that high of 85 degrees probably sliding in rather late any day say about 4 o'clock. you'll notice after 3 o'clock into 6 o'clock there is the chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm but overall it looks like those are fairly spotty and fairly scattered.
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not expecting any severe weather but if you hear thunder always take cover from the lightning. looks like pollen is going to be in the medium high range the next couple days. not as bad as yesterday but karen you probably still need medications if you suffer from allergies. >> dave we've got a new accident involving an overturned vehicle out here. this is lawnside camden county right on 295 northbound at route 30. that's exit 29. it's blocking the two left lanes. expect some slowing in that area with this accident involving an overturned vehicle. yesterday morning we started talking about these brush fires in burlington county. still an issue in pemberton. 70 westbound past 5:30, that's lakehurst road. watch for fire activity at this point on the shoulder so traffic gets by but you'll see the crews out there this morning. we've got a house fire causing some restrictions here as well. this is towamencin township montgomery county, saw mill way near troxel road. stick to why ychol road.
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easton road due to problems from yesterday afternoon much closed near the turnpike in this area. stick to york road as your alternate for that one, matt. >> thanks karen. a young child crawled out onto the roof of a row home in a philadelphia neighborhood while a witness recorded the frightening ordeal. "action news" reporter katherine spot is live along leaper street in frankford with word of charges and that video. katherine. >> reporter: matt, well, sources told "action news" charges are expected in this case but i'm being told that these women have not been charged yet. no one was injured in all this but terrifying moments here in this neighborhood yesterday. let's go to that cell phone video where you can see a two-year-old boy in his diaper on a roof of a three story home here in this neighborhood absolutely frightening for the people here. this happened on the 4700 block of leaper street in frankford. the boy climbed through an open third floor window and could be seen walking around the sloped roof. neighbors were yelling for him
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not move. when firefighters arrived they placed a ladder out to get the boy. >> the baby was reaching out for the ladder. that was the scarest part about it, him reaching out to it and everybody thinking he's going to fall. >> right. >> that was the scarest part about it. >> reporter: and he was finally safe when a firefighter reached through an open window and pulled him inside. police say the boy and another toddler were left alone while their mothers were next door. both women were handcuffed and taken away for questioning. we're live in frankford katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. a fast moving blaze kept first responders busy in the hunting park section of philadelphia yesterday. a firefighter suffered burns while rescuing a resident on the 3800 block of north ninth street. an "action news" viewer shot video of the flames shooting out of the house. officials believe the fire started in the kitchen. >> it's almost 5:05 and the university of south carolina student is facing some serious
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charges. police say she tried to poison her roommates. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the full story. erin we all get roommates we don't like but this is another level. >> reporter: yeah i think she took it to the extreme. police say 22-year-old haley king didn't getting a with her two roommates. those roommates set up secret cameras in their shared apartment because they were afraid of what king might do following a few altercations the three had. now, officials say this video shows king opening the refrigerator picking up several containers one by one and spitting into them. at one point she also poured glass cleaner in one of the containers as you can see there. now one of the roommates said she did consume food she believed was tainted with windex and king's spit. the 22-year-old allegedly confessed when couldn't fronted by police. the two roommates tried to get king to move out but she refused. king is charged with unlawful
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malicious tampering with a human drug product or food. this is a class c felony and could get her up to 20 years in prison. she has been released after she poster bail a day after her arrest. we'll have this story on and of course my facebook page, matt. >> thanks erin. atlantic city is reportedly considering laying off 85 firefighters. the press of atlantic city says the city is considering a plan to cut up to 200 jobs from the city's workforce. 40 of the layoffs would come from the recreation department. atlantic city has seen its tax base shrink significantly in the last few years because of casino closures and declining property values. >> happening today, former arkansas governor republican mike huckabee is expected to make an official announcement that he's running for president again. the former ceo of hewlett packard carly fiorina announced her candidacy yesterday morning right here on abc on "gma." she's the only woman in the race for the republican nomination and also announcing yesterday at an event in detroit retired neurosurgeon
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ben carson, he also said he's running and he said it's time for people to rise up and take government back. >> ♪♪ democratic nomination for philadelphia's mayor will gather tonight for a live debate right here on 6abc. that will air commercial free starting at 7:00 tonight and we'll stream it as well on and of course we like to hear from you. be part of this. send us questions that you would like to here the candidates answer. e-mail us at join the action at you can also use #6abc action on social media. >> so, david. >> yes. >> going to feel like summer again today. >> yeah, it is. tomorrow we get a little bit of an easing of temps. storm tracker six live double scan shows you we're dry as you head out the door this morning for your tuesday morning commute and as we take a look outside we've got the airport. camera pretty steady this morning because winds across the region are very light and as you open up that front door and take a stroll out into the neighborhood it's going to feel a little better to you this morning.
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we're at 63 degrees currently in philadelphia with winds very light. even up in allentown 53. yesterday we were a bit cooler so little milder this morning as we step outside. 61 in sea isle city and along the boardwalk in ac, 63 in wilmington and reading at 58 degrees, 61 in trenton this morning. future tracker six shows that you we'll probably see some early sunshine and then some cloud cover will begin to sweep in from the west as we head later into the morning and into the early afternoon. there's a chance any time after about lunchtime or so of a real spotty sprinkle or shower but by 2 o'clock future tracker six's latest analysis is not showing anything. it really want to wait until after about 3 o'clock and then up to five and 6 o'clock to start popping up these scattered showers. again, most of the area is dry this afternoon but every now and then you might get caught with a brief shower there might be a rumble of thunder too. not expecting any severe weather but always take cover from those thunderstorms. future tracker six playing up a better chance avenue spotty thunderstorm after about 8 o'clock tonight and up to
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11 o'clock there's a little bit more scattered precipitation and we may actually be well past bedtime by the time this stuff starts to settle down. allentown today looking like another nice one overall with a mix of sun and clouds, a spotty shower or storm not out of the question, 82 degrees is your high so very similar to yesterday and down the shore again next to that cool ocean water we'll be cooler, a-76 degrees, still pretty comfortable though on the boards today. a shower or a storm can't be ruled out but as you just saw that's few and far between. and in philadelphia, a high of 85 which is where we wound up yesterday, sun and clouds, a very spotty shower or thunderstorm possible and winds not quite as breezy today, only running about six to 12 miles per hour. 65 by 8 o'clock, 79 by 11 o'clock, so very quickly we warm up just like yesterday and we spend the afternoon in the low to mid 80's. your high of 85 rather late today, probably around 4 o'clock. and then tomorrow a frontal boundary that's producing that slight shower chance today slips to our south and that allows cooler air in place but it will still be somewhat unsettled.
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your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 85 is today's high, a mix of sun and clouds, a spotty shower or a thunderstorm can't be ruled out. and then tomorrow mostly cloudy, but it will feel like spring again with a high of just 74 degrees. again a-spotty shower possible. but then that same front goes back up to the north and that gets us warmer again on thursday. a high of 80 there. 83 on friday and 85 on saturday. a really nice stretch of weather there and great weather for the aberdeen dad vail regatta. and we get into sunday, mother's day 87, very toasty. and afternoon shower or thunderstorm in spots but mainly dry. and easing back to 82 on monday. >> thanks, david. 5:10 now. next and new this morning a convenience store clerk finds himself between a gun wielding robber an quick get away. >> vandals hit homes in a western pennsylvania neighborhood leaving behind a trail of spray paint. >> traffic moving lightly on the schuylkill expressway past montgomery drive but we have an accident involving an
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overturned vehicle in the region. details on that coming up. >> the super bowl of fashion was last night the met gala. some of the dresses were saw some -- awesome and some were interring. >> i thought you were going say super awesome. >> no, we'll take a look in the morning buzz coming up.
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are bothering me, i'm drinking my coffee. what could go wrong? suburban traffic report advertisement truth is a lot goes wrong when you travel not 3 o'clock in the morning. let's help you through it right now. looking live right now exton chester county route 100 at commerce drive. we've got light volume, no problems coming from chester springs, looking good this morning right now in exton. we do have an issue to watch out for, though and this one is in new jersey in lawnside camden county. on 295 northbound at route 30, that's exit 29, an accident involving an overturned vehicle so watch for crews on the scene. they're blocking at least the left two lanes. you'll see slowing even at this early hour. you don't often expect that but if you're heading out in this area in camden county you're going to be dealing with that one. take you back to the maps here on the turnpike westbound near willow grove we've got construction blocking the left lane and the center lane so crews out there blocking two lanes. and easton road remains closed near the turnpike here. this is an accident from yesterday afternoon but the problem is downed poles, downed wires. we've got verizon on the scene, peco on the scene
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trying to clear this and they hope to have that done by 7 o'clock. so just stick to york road as your alternate. a quick look at your commuter traffic report. i'm not finding anyone talking about any problems through the area. your bridges are looking good, ben franklin, walt whitman bridge, no problem on 42 or 55. no one complaining at least at this early hour. and no complaints about the weather. 63 degrees is feeling comfortable right now. we're dry. 53 in allentown, 61 in millville. another warm day ahead with a chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm later on, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. new this morning an armed roche's get away proved to be more difficult than expected. the convenience store owner in oklahoma city locked the bandit inside, look at that. surveillance video shows the robber desperately trying to open the door with no luck. finally the owner let's the man out. he got away with less than a hundred bucks. police are still looking for him. and boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev cried in court for the first time yesterday as his aunt broke down other witness stand.
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the 20-year-old wiped tears away from his eyes as his aunt sobbed uncontrol police department he had showed no emotion up phil now. this same jury has to decide whether to sentence him to life in prison or death. >> phillies pitcher chad billingsly will start tonight in atlanta his first start since 2013. the 30-year-old has been rehabbing an elbow injury. the phillies recorded a season high 14 hits last night in atlanta beating the braves five to two. jeff francoeur had four of the hits plus two rbi's. pitcher aaron harang allowed one run over six innings. steven curry has won the m.v.p. award. voting wasn't close. the warriors guard earned 100 of the possible 130 first place votes and he averaged nearly 24 points per game is that averaging better than 31 points in the post-season. >> 5:16 now. another restaurant chain is making moves to remove more than a hundred artificial sweeteners colors and flavors offer the menu.
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>> new research find the right amount of exercise appears to help certain cancer patients fight the disease. david. >> comfortable this morning with temps in the 60's in most neighborhoods. this afternoon definitely shorts and t's. you might even be able to get away with close to that this morning as it's not real that bad out. there's the chance of a spotty shower in a couple of neighborhoods. we'll have your day planner forecast mapping all that out for you and also get you to the airport in case you're traveling. >> ♪♪
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>> lava lake that has been overflowing in hawaii's volcano has exploded in a blast of molted 10 fury. these the images of how it happened. crater wall partially collapsed and the rocks slid into the lava splashing liquid rock over the edge. geologists measured a small earthquake nearby yesterday. this is the first time the volcano has a full lake of lava inside the crater since 1974. >> wow. >> wow.
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>> i love that we get these amazing images all the time anywhere any time. let's take a look right now outside. hey, why not get an amazing look off the ben franklin bridge. construction blocking the right lane westbound. the extra overnight construction is clear so that's some good news and we're not looking at any delays. you're looking okay on the ben this morning. let's check out rider now the burlington county area. new jersey turnpike southbound between exit five and exit four, we had talked about some construction. it just cleared and mass transit is on time, dave. >> all right karen, on the big board this morning, we are looking at the way temperatures are going to progress today. we're in the 60's right now but we'll be in 80 in philadelphia. another toasty afternoon way high of 85 probably around 4 o'clock and as we get later into the afternoon and early evening there's the chance of a spotty shower or storm popping up but that's going to be pretty few and far between. much better chance of storms out in parts of texas and then up in a loop sort of up towards chicago.
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looks like florida also looking at a little bit of precipitation. the best chance of severe weather, though, is in the western two-thirds of texas the texas pan handle and parts of new mexico from about dallas over to the west we could have thunderstorms that produce strong gusty winds and perhaps even an isolated tornado. looks like no major delays at any of our most frequently traveled destinations. we've seen a thunderstorm in chicago and a shower in orlando. >> bone broth is an ancient recipe but it's peaking again in popularity. some say it can can help boost your immunity and relieve achy joints. here's health reporter ali gorman way preview. >> drinking bone broth is the latest health trend but what's in it. how does it help how about do you make it yourself? i'll have the answers today on "action news" starting at 4:00 >> a study from kansas state university finds slow jogs and brisk walks could help with cancer treatment. researchers say moderate workouts could increase the
5:22 am
oxygenation of tumors which may improve treatments in cancer patients. however, moderation is key. the findings say too little exercise may have no effect but too much may have a negative impact on patients. researchers are now seeing if moderate exercise can help make radiation treatment work better as well. >> all of those extra fees the airlines are charging its no no list dropping at least 150 ingredients from its products towards healthier eating. >> getting rid of most artificial flavors and sweeteners along with preservatives by the end of next year. >> to celebrate cinco de mayo we'll add ingredients.
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restaurant chains offering special deals. >> four-dollar margaritas at applebee's. taco bell you get your free biscuit taco from 7:00 to 11:00 this morning. got to fight tj off for those. >> really? biscuit taco? that's america's money, folks. have a good one. >> 5:23 now. we have more news you didn't see last night. a local police officer is facing a felony assault charge details on that at 5:30. >> the two gunmen that died at a texas art contest for the prophet mohammed. a full report at 5:30 a.m. that help you find the right coverage. so you only pay for what's right for you. plus a personalized set of discounts you can take to the bank. cha-ching! that's insurance for the modern world. esurance, backed by allstate.
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>> new this morning, vandals blasted a neighborhood in suburban pittsburgh with gay slurs. they plastered obscene pictures and homophobic graph feet across eight homes and garages. police may investigate this as a hate crime because one of the city council members is gay. so far there are no arrests but police are checking surveillance video have the area. >> looking good in the morning buzz. that the what you get to see when you go to the met gala in new york city the this year's theme china through the looking glass. here are some of the more memorable outfit we would like to point out. rihanna swooped in wearing a fur trimmed yellow cape with floral swirls of gold an train so long it required three ranklers. sarah jessica parker's black dress h and m creation made of
5:27 am
repurposed fabrics on her head, something that was a creation all by itself amount fiery redhead piece from one of her regular collaborators hat designer philip trici. beyoncé really stunning, a barely there peekaboo he was the couture. kim kardashian shoer lace with feathers on the bottom had some people making comparisons to beyoncé. lady gaga net evening coat embroidered with black ryan stones and 14,000 feathers. according to the design house balan cia ga was a black crepe jump suit. the whole deal was wrapped were you i was silk suited
5:28 am
bash with traditional gowns. >> beyoncé wins for me. >> beyoncé. >> listening you to say fashion names. >> i'm real into it. >> learning more this morning about one of the gunmen who opened fire outside a cartoon contest in texas including why he wasn't stopped even though the fbi had been watching him for a decade. >> a chester county family endures a double tragedy. just as relatives were mourning the loss of a loved one a-fire claims the lives of three more family members.
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when we take these tests we don't actually do anything. we use the tutorials. one of the tutorials showed things like how to change the background color in an online test environment and it takes time away from learning math and science and english and all the things that i really enjoy learning. they can't do as much because they have to administer this test on the computer. and that's really one of the worst parts of the test.
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>> ♪♪ >> braking now on "action news" a terror group has just claimed responsibility for the planned attack on a free speech event in texas. >> a delaware police officer faces new fallout from an investigation into a violent arrest. >> storm tracker live double scan radar is tracking the chance for a pop-up showers and spotty thunderstorms for your drive hom


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